The Artist Couple is a visual arts and photography studio offering a variety of products and services ranging from fine artwork, design work, commissioned work, as well as aerial, real estate and fine art photography/videography.  We can ship or digitally send work wherever it needs to go.   We strive to offer the absolute best customer-service experience and highest quality finished products for our customers.  By choosing Artist Couple, you are choosing the best.

design // fine art // photography



Fine Art


Design work by Sara Senseman

Fine art by Sara Senseman and Topher Mack

Commissioned work by Sara Senseman and Topher Mack

Real estate



Real estate photography by Topher Mack

Galleries of photography from fine art to documentary work by Topher Mack

Video work by Topher Mack and

Sara Senseman

Wide-ranging professional services with the best customer service experience.



We pride ourselves in being excellent listeners!  We take the time to understand what you want as a customer and offer our professional advice, from start to finish.



It doesn't matter if it's a 7 panel 28' wide mural or digital delivery of photographs, we will get it where it needs to be when it needs to be there.



Creating stunning works of art is what we do!  Both Sara and Topher hold BFA's in their respective field and they want to create the perfect piece just for you.