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Topher Mack



Plaster Expert


Frame Master


Hello! We are Topher & Sara Mack, owners of Artist Couple LLC! We are both full time professional artists based just outside of Austin, TX. We graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography and Printmaking and together we have a decade of art education and over 15 years of professional experience. We have dedicated our lives to our passions, making the world a more beautiful place. From our documentary work with non-profits from around the world, to our murals and fine artwork that turns the ordinary into extrordinary, our mission stays true. Spreading our knowledge and skills, creating beauty and sharing creativity and positivity is what we do. As we pursue our dreams of creating the highest quality art and photography available, we also have a place in our hears for supporting local businesses, and being as economically conscious as possible. We try and include these values into our business by buying locally whenever possible, collaborating to build a stronger sense of community, and reusing and recycling as much as possible. 

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Sara Mack

Visual Artist


Head Designer



Our Story

We met in 2014, on a study abroad trip to Thailand & Cambodia were we went from strangers to roommates all in one day. As artists in different majors and years, it was surprising we got assigned as roommates in Bangkok, Thailand, but once the exploration of Thailand commenced, sparks flew, laughs where plentiful and our journey truly began. Traveling around Southeast Asia was only the start of our life-long journey together. After graduating in 2015, we decided it was time to quit our 9-5 jobs and create our own path in life. After moving from Milwaukee, WI to Austin, TX, we started our business and have been loving every minute of it.

From apartment renters, to full time RVers, and now currently in the process of building our own home and art studio, we have worked hard to make our dreams come true. We hope to someday open our own art store as well as create a Non- Profit Art & History Gallery/Museum. We plan to continue learning new skills, experiment with new ideas and materials and create new and exciting artwork and content. When we're not creating, we enjoy backpacking and hiking, traveling to new places, tasting new and delicious food and drinks, and gardening with to our chickens and cats. 

We look forward to growing ourselves and our business, and whatever our future holds, we know one thing; we have built a business that we love and will forever continue creating, sharing our skills and making life a little more beautiful for many years to come.

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