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Artist Couple owner, Topher Mack is a fine art photographer and fine finish expert.

Topher Mack



Plaster Expert


Frame Master

Hello! We are Topher & Sara Mack, owners of Artist Couple, LLC! We are professional artists based just outside of Austin, TX, in the beautiful Texas hill country, and proudly hold a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography and Printmaking from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Our mission is to enhance the worlds aesthetic appeal through our work. Our portfolio spans from impactful documentary projects with global non-profits to transformative murals and fine art in homes, businesses and public spaces. As we pursue this passion, we try and pay it forward as much as possible, supporting local businesses, donating our products and services to charitable organizations and non-profits, and being as economically conscious as possible. 

Artist Couple Owner, Sara Mack is a fine artist, printmaker and faux finish expert.

Sara Mack

Visual Artist


Head Designer



Artist Couple Sara and Topher Mack are Austin, Texas' best fine finish experts, who create bespoke murals, venetian plster, roman clay and fuax finish accent walls for your luxury home.

Our Story

In 2014, we met on a study abroad trip to Thailand and Cambodia. What began as mere strangers quickly transformed into best friends and the inception of our remarkable journey; traveling around Southeast Asia was only the start of our life-long journey together. After graduating in 2015, we made the bold decision to leave our 9-5 jobs in Milwaukee, WI, and relocated to Austin, TX, where we founded our business. Evolving from apartment renters, to RV travelers and presently, completing the construction of our home and art studio, our journey has been an unforgettable experience.

We are devoted to constant growth and continued education as artists and business owners and have big dreams for our future! We enjoy expanding our skillsets, experimenting with new materials, creating new techniques, and crafting new artwork. Beyond the realm of art, we enjoy backpacking, hiking, culinary adventures, and cultivating our garden accompanied by our chickens and cats.


Embrace the beauty around you, for life is too short not to.


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