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Get lost in the detail and colors in this abstract winter landscape. Part of a mesmerizing three-piece series inspired by the crisp allure of Lake Michigan's shores, this piece evokes the tranquility of chilly winter days through a harmonious blend of cool hues and shimmering metallic accents. Thousands of meticulously painted squares converge to form an abstract interpretation of the lakeside vista, where ice, beach, and water meld in a captivating dance of color and texture. Experience the gentle movement in the colors and the subtle shimmer of metallic paint, inviting you to unwind and lose yourself in its calming embrace.


Acrylic on Wood Panel


Artist: Sara Mack


Dimentions: 24x24 inches

(Depth: 1.25 inches)


This piece comes ready to hang. 

Please contact us if you would like to know more about this piece or to order a custom frame.

Winter Beach

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