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This statement piece, boasting a beautiful blue gradient, exudes both calming tranquility and uplifting joy. From a distance, its striking presence commands attention, yet it also emanates a soothing energy that invites contemplation. Upon closer examination, the sky reveals itself to be a masterful composition of hundreds of thousands of tiny white dots, delicately stippled across the smooth blue expanse. Each dot, meticulously placed, represents a moment of serenity and mindfulness—a testament to the artist's meditative process and profound connection to nature.


This original relief print captivates with its unique aesthetic and lends itself as a window into a world of tranquility and reflection, inviting you to slow down and savor the beauty of the present moment.


All prints are hand pulled originals. This specific print one of only 3 Artist Proofs, making it a very rare print. 

Edition: 1/3 Artist Proof


Artist: Sara Mack

(This artwork is signed with artist's maiden name, Sara Senseman)


Overall Dimentions: 46 x 20 inches

(Print dimentions: 42 x 16 inches with ~2 inch boarder.)


This piece does not come framed.

Please contact us for more information on this piece or if you would like to order a custom frame.  

Sky, Blue

  • All original artwork is hand crafted, minor differences or inconsistancies in color may occur. Each piece is unique and comes with a signed Cirtificate of Authenticity from the artist. 

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