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Original Relief Print with gorgeous detail depicting a moody landscape of hills dissapearing into the distance. Inspired by the hills in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Sara created this piece using only dots to capture the elegance and movement in the landscape. The velvety black, negative space juxtaposed with the delicate white dots create a beautiful scene, sure to capture your attention and demand a closer look.  

Each original print is hand pulled. This specific print is the only Artist Proof in this print run, making it a very rare, one of a kind print.

Edition: 1/1 Aritst Proof


Artist: Sara Mack

(Signed with the artist's maiden name, Sara Senseman).


Relief Print - Ink on Paper


Dimentions: 8 x 22 inches


This piece does not come framed.

Please contact us for more information on this piece or if you would like to order a custom frame.  


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