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Emerce yourself in this familiar vista that evokes a sense of comfort and belonging, where cumulus clouds drift lazily and daily worries simnply float away. Sara created this piece to be reminiscent of any average day, inviting viewers to pause and appreciate the beauty of the everyday. It speaks to the familiarity and tranquility of ordinary moments. The canvas is deliberately divided, with the majority of the landscape nestled near the bottom, allowing for ample negative space where one can find peace and solace, and simply breathe.


Cumulus is part of a larger series exploring clouds and skyscapes, inviting contemplation and reflection and inspiring us to 'look up' and connect with the natural world around us. Throughout this series "One Moment", Sara explores snapshots in time. For her, watching clouds float in the sky is not only a relaxing passtime, but also a reminder;  pause and savor the present moments of everyday life.


Acrylic on Canvas, varnished with a matte finish.


Artist: Sara Mack




This piece comes unframed and ready to hang. 

Please contact us for more information about this piece or if you would like to order a custom frame. 


One Moment: Cumulus

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