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This masterpiece of beautiful simplicity features three gentle cirus uncinus clouds drifting effortlessly across a vast expanse of blue sky.  Its minimalist composition allows the clouds to command attention while providing ample breathing room in the tranquil blue expanse, capturing the essence of tranquility and elegance.


This captivating piece, part of a larger series exploring clouds and skyscapes, invites contemplation and reflection. Throughout this series "One Moment", Sara explores snapshots in time. For her, watching clouds float in the sky is not only a relaxing passtime, but also a reminder; take in and enjoy the small moments of everyday life. This painting inspires a human and nature connection, and encourages you to pause and savor the present moment.


Acrylic on Canvas, varnished with a matte finish


Artist: Sara Mack

Initialled and dated on the front, bottom right hand corner and also signed on the back.  


Dimentions: 24 x 12 inches, (canvas depth: 1.5 inches)


This piece comes unframed and ready to hang. 

Please contact us if you would like more information on this piece or to order a custom frame.

One Moment: Cirrus Uncinus

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