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Dive into the mesmerizing beauty of this original relief print, a stunning portrayal of ocean waves crashing onto the coastline. Crafted with thousands of meticulously poked dots, this artwork captures the dynamic energy and movement of the sea with a delicate touch.

From afar, the blue gradient ink creates a realistic illusion of waves hitting the beach, while up close, the intricate details reveal themselves as thousands of tiny dots forming the waves and bubbles in the ocean. The untouched 'sand' in negative space adds depth and contrast, creating a strong base for the intricacy of the water.


Presented in a contemporary brushed nickel frame with a white matte, this unique print is a 1 of 1, meaning there are no other prints quit like it. 

Edition: 1/1


Artist: Sara Mack


Relief Print - Ink on Paper


Framed Dimentions: 50 x 16.75 inches

(Frame Depth: 1 inch)


This piece comes matted, framed and ready to hang. 

Please contact us if you would like to know more about this piece or order a custom frame. 

Chopped Sea

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