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Sara Mack

Fine Artist / BFA in Printmaking

 We are both full-time professional working artists based out of Austin, TX. Both of us graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography and Printmaking. Together we have a decade of art education and over 15 years of professional experience. This dedication to our craft reflects our love and passion for the art that we create. We have dedicated our lives to making the world a more beautiful place, whether it's through our documentary work with non-profits around the world, a mural that turns a child's bedroom into their favorite camping spot or one of our beautiful limited-edition works of art livening up your walls; we are passionately pursuing our dream of creating the highest quality Fine Art and Photography available.


Topher Mack

Photographer / BFA in Photography

OUR STORY  We met in 2014 and went from strangers to roommates all in one day! As artists in different majors and years, we only shared one class together, Art History. As you could imagine, it wasn’t a terribly exciting class. It consisted of long lectures and no talking in a dark room filled with the sounds of note scribbling and the occasional snoring. Topher sat in the front of the classroom and Sara in the back, never saying a word to one another. It wasn’t until a study abroad trip to Bangkok, Thailand where we exchanged our first sentences. Once the exploration of Thailand commenced, sparks flew, laughs where plentiful and our journey truly began. Traveling around Southeast Asia was only the start of our life-long journey together. After we both graduated in 2015, we decided it was time to create our own path in life. We quit our jobs, packed our bags and moved to Austin, TX, to start our own business.
“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke” - Jerzy Kosinski








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